Siddhartha Development Bank Limited (SDBL) is the first Development bank of western region of Nepal established formally in the year 2056 B.S which commenced operation in 11th Ashad, 2057 B.S. The Bank has been established solely with the aim of getting an exclusive confidence in Nepalese Financial Market by rendering global standards of services through professional & quality management. SDBL has been promoted as a dedicated bank with a primary focus in the development of industry, trade and commerce in Nepal. SDBL has been upgraded as National Level Development Bank in FY 2065/66 which was truly an exceptional through the historic issuance of 1:5 right shares, which makes us to become the first regional Development Bank to be upgraded to National level Development Bank.

In a rapidly changing Nepalese Banking industry, with far more players and competition than ever before, consumers are entitled to expect benchmark service and protection from whichever business they deal in the banking industry. We understand that faster, easier banking can affect the way you run your business and your life. We have the courage to be different. We're highly experienced, motivated and dedicated to personalized services

DBL has presence throughout the country serving more than 73,000 Customers. Thinking ahead of "technological driven bank", SDBL is making appreciable footsteps in the IT sector through centralized Core Banking System and providing many services like: ATM/Debit card, Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS), SMS/Mobile Banking Services, e-banking to the customers and aspires to be pioneer in launching other innovative financial products and services as well. Presently we have eighteen branches in operation and eighteen ATMs, been able to reach and serve its customers nationwide through online connectivity via VSAT, Radio modems and fiber optics. SDBL Trust remit, our exclusive remittance product, is available from more than 900 locations all over the country with start of outbound services. SRF (Siddhartha Retirement Fund) has also been a great asset for the Bank. These intangibles make the experience of banking with SDBL one that's very rare. It's an experience that is valued not only by our current customers, but everyone who deserve the best banking.

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