Abc international group similarly concentrate on healthy well-being and medical to give the quality skin services to the general populations. With Nepal Skin care Centre which is a renowned skin care centre located at the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal skin care Centre is best skin care hospital in Nepal. It has panels of doctors include experienced and renowned Dermatologist and cosmetologist. It provide all kinds of skin, hair and nails solution. Main objective is to satisfy the needs of our patients competently. Our services include dermatologist services, plastic and cosmetic surgery, skin allergy solution, laser treatment for scars, warts, moles, freckles, laser hair reduction, laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, lipo-laser weight reduction, vaginal tightening and hair transplantation etc.

Quality treatment by Skin Care Centre
At Skin Care Centre, quality has always been the topmost preference. Exceptional Priority is given to every phase of diagnosing a problem till it is treated properly; we guarantee that our services not simply pacify the effected part but the entire wits. Prior to the execution of any of the service, in depth study is carried out by the specialist, so that the probability of any flaw would be minimized to the possible extent.

Their fair deals, cost effective service, and expert team of dermatologists and cosmetologist have helped us create a reliable and ever growing skin patients in the market. Services are highly esteemed for their commitment and alert management. From the very beginning, we have maintained loyalty in our services and successfully met the requisites of our patients and patients.

Services Offered :-

1. Skin Laser Surgery 2. CO2 Laser Surgery 3. CO2 Fractional Laser 4. Q-Swiched Nd: YAG Laser
5. skin rejuvenation by laser 6. Microdermabrasion 7. Chemical peeling 8. Botox
9. Long Pulse Nd: YAG Laser 10. All kinds of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery 11. Hair transplantation 12. Dimple correction
13. Skin Analyzer 14. Derma Roller 15. Sexually transmitted diseases 16. Vaginal rejuvenation
17. Weight reduction by lasers

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