The ABC International Group is a business Corporation headquartered in Nepal doing business in the Logistics, Trading, Airlines, Hospital Marketing, Finance and Media. The Group is one of the leading company in Courier and Cargo in Nepal.

The company was founded in 1992 as a courier business. First generation entrepreneur Khem Raj Panta is the founder & chairman of ABC International Group.As indicated by Mr. Khem Raj Panta, the Group was made with a vision of 'Providing service going out of our way' by developing assets of significant in national economic. This reflects in the choice of businesses the group has been into and developed over the period of years. The corporate headquarters of the company is situated in the capital city Kathmandu. The Group's progress over the last twenty-two years has been a trial-blazer on the horizon of Nepal. In a third world nation and land-locked country, this spells nothing short of very hard-earned success. Apart from also being a responsible citizen, ABC International Group shapes a characteristic piece of each domain of area from Logistics, Hospital, Financial Services and Media.

Since its inception, ABC International Group has contributed to the upliftment of the nation's economy, equalizing the infrastructure and entrepreneurial capability of Nepal with other developing nations. It has started air express business from domestic air express and later on developed to international business from the modest concept. The company commended its business as an agent and became the first international courier business company who serve the entire nation documents for domestic and international. The company offers its products and services through dealers, distributors, retailers, and suppliers.